Atlanta Local Business Spotlight: Tutu School in Brookhaven

Atlanta Local Business Spotlight: Tutu School in Brookhaven


In the heart of Brookhaven, there's a place where the joy of childhood and the grace of ballet merge into a delightful dance experience—Tutu School Brookhaven. Founded on the belief that every child deserves to know the joy of dancing, Tutu School is not just a ballet school; it's a gateway to a world of imagination and discovery.

Tutu School Brookhaven takes a unique approach to teaching ballet. Here, it's not just about learning steps and techniques; it's about awakening a child's creativity and enriching their motor skills through classical music and timeless stories. With Tchaikovsky and Bach setting the stage, children explore the enchanted worlds of swans, sugar plums, and more, fostering a love for dance that goes beyond the physical.

Tutu School is also an exceptional place for children to develop other essential skills, including discipline, artistic expression, and social interaction. The school encourages children to express themselves, whether through a pirouette or a grand jeté, in an environment that's supportive and nurturing. Twirling, after all, is seen here as a fundamental part of childhood—a way to express joy and freedom.

Join the Dance

Located at 705 Town Blvd S540, Brookhaven, GA, Tutu School Brookhaven welcomes all children to join in the dance. Registration is ongoing, and the school's welcoming environment ensures that every child can start their ballet journey at any time.

For those interested in experiencing the magic or enrolling their little ones, follow their journey and updates on Instagram @tutuschoolbrookhaven. At Tutu School Brookhaven, dance is more than an art form—it's a celebration of childhood, creativity, and community. Come and be a part of this enchanting world where every child learns what it feels like to dance!

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